Bellingham, WA

If you’ve followed from the beginning, you know my little college home resides in Bellingham, Washington. It’s a perfect mix of trees, nightlife, and ocean. My favorite part about Bellingham is it’s where I’ve met some of my best friends.

Living in Seattle has been go go go, and I haven’t had much free time at all. So when I found out I had (a whole) TWO days off I hopped in my car and drove to my friends as quick as possible.

The sun didn’t treat us as planned, so as a windy day was approaching our plans had to change. We hopped in the car and went to a thrift store for some inspiration. After playing with the idea of roller blades and frozen themed helmets, we ended up finding a small side table. The lightbulb finally turned on up in our brains, so we grabbed some paint to make it a fun art project. Throughout painting we picked up a yummy acai bowl and some boxed wine to make the painting party even more enjoyable. See the pics below!

What do you and your friends come up with when you’re bored?? Comment below & I’ll check out your blog as well! Cheers




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